CTS- Thamizhar Thirunaal 2019
Cultural Program Registration Form:
Date: Sunday, February 2nd 2019

Venue: Liberty Middle School
7940 Liberty Rd N,
Powell Ohio 43065

Time: 3:00 pm

Contacts: Email: info@columbusthamilsangam.org
Phone: 614-388-8270


Participant Form Due Date: Sunday, January 20, 2019
MP3 (if any): Sunday ,January 27 ,2019

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Summary of the program item including the context and meaning (this will help us introduce your item on stage)
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General program rules/guidelines
• Participants will be accepted on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.
• If your registration is accepted you will receive a conformation mail.
• All programs should be in Tamil or be Tamil culture or literature-oriented.
• Group songs should be in Tamil.
• Group dances should be in Tamil. Movie-based dances are acceptable, but they should be age appropriate.
• Dramas/skits should be in Tamil, and the entire script will have to be submitted at the time of registration.
• If there are a large number of participants CTS, at its sole discretion, may arrange an audition round.
• The Audition Committee will review and provide feedback for all entries within a reasonable time. The committee’s decision will be final.
• No solo performances
• For more information email your queries to info@columbusthamilsangam.org
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