Should Catholics be able to get married outdoors?
Many Catholics assume that the sacrament of marriage must be celebrated in a Catholic church building. However, Father John Christman, S.S.S., and pastoral minister in liturgy and music Julie Tragon say this is not the case.

"While the parish church is the ordinary place for the celebration of marriage, canon law allows for a local bishop to give permission for marriage to be celebrated in another church, oratory, or broader still, 'another suitable place'," say Christman and Tragon. "You may have been to weddings in Catholic oratories or chapels, but less familiar is the notion of 'another suitable place.' This can include a private home or a non-Catholic church, chapel, or place of worship. It’s arguable that 'another suitable place' could also include a natural worship environment."

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1. I think Catholics should be able to get married outdoors.
2. I was married in a Catholic church building.
3. My Catholic marriage ceremony was held outdoors.
4. I would have liked to have been married outdoors, if my parish had allowed it.
5. The Catholic Church’s requirements for marriage preparation and ceremonies are outdated.
6. The Catholic Church’s marriage requirements need to be updated to reflect changing traditions and circumstances for couples.
7. Parishes should not change their marriage requirements for couples who want to get married outside.
8. Catholic outdoor wedding ceremonies reflect that God is present everywhere.
9. More people would get married in the Catholic Church if they could do so outdoors.
10. Outdoor weddings are a way for Catholics to practice the principle of care for creation.
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