West Philly Tool Library: 2018 Member Survey
Are you/were you a member of the West Philly Tool Library? We want to hear from you!
Let's start with a few questions about you: The following best describes my membership... Check all that apply.
If you are a former member who chose not renew your membership, please feel free to tell us why. We value constructive (no pun intended) advice.
Your answer
I primarily use the West Philly Tool Library as...
As a West Philly Tool Library member, I visit the Tool Library...
I became a member of the West Philly Tool Library because... Check all that apply.
If you are an organizational members, answer for your organization.
Want to share the ways you have used the Tool Library? Brag about yourself here.
If you want us to share your stories with the Tool Library community, include your email address and/or phone number, and we will contact you about sharing your stories to our blog/social media sites.
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Now, let's move on to customer service: I feel welcomed when I visit the Tool Library.
Tool Librarians provide friendly and quality customer service.
Tool Librarians are able to answer my tool-related questions.
Tool Librarians are respectful of me and my time.
Please tell us more about the customer service you have received at the Tool Library.
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Moving on to questions about our tools: I am satisfied with the Tool Library's tool inventory.
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I am satisfied with the quality of the tools I borrow from the Tool Library.
Before I come to the Tool Library for a specific tool, I first check the Tool Library website's "Our Tool" page for the complete tool list with with up-to-the-minute info on tool availability. (http://www.westphillytools.org/toolsListing.php)
If you have more to tell us about our tools, please do so here.
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Now, let's talk about our membership application process: I became a member of the Tool Library by...
If you most recently renewed your membership, how did you do so?
The steps for applying for membership were clear.
Only answer this question if you applied for membership online without the help of a Tool Librarian.
After submitting my membership application, I received notification from a Tool Librarian that my references were cleared in a timely manner.
I know that public schools and non-profits can join the Tool Library as organizational members. (http://westphillytools.org/become-an-organizational-member/)
Have more to say about our membership application process? Tell us more here.
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Let's want to talk about late fees: When/if I have an overdue/almost overdue tool, it's more helpful for me...
When I owe late fees, I understand why I am expected to pay the full amount due.
I understand why it is important for the West Philly Tool Library to charge late fees.
Finally, our goal this year is to expand our space and create a community workshop, offering a variety of tool safety, home-care and DIY classes to our members. Yet, before we dive deep into the world of expansion, we want to hear from you!
What type of homecare and DIY classes would you like for us to offer?
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What would you pay to attend each class?
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How many classes would you attend each month?
Final thoughts?
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