Health and Fitness App
Hello! We are a group of High School students tackling the challenge of encouraging people to keep up their physical health and mental wellbeing, by developing an app that can not only track your physical progress and provide a place to find activities, but also stimulate the mind.

We are very grateful for your participation in our survey, as it will help us create an app that best can best suit your needs.

All information will be kept anonymous and will only be used by the Jokaroca Tech Team.

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What prevents you from being active? (check all that apply) *
Would you download an app that helps find you activities, track progress, and promote overall health? *
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Feel free to also share any of your stories in regards to your well-being, or goals for your own path to health. We would love to get to know more about you so we can work towards creating an app best suited for you.
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