Mystic Chorale 2020 Online Auction Donation
Thank you for donating to the Mystic's 30th Anniversary Gala Online Auction!! Your donation will add to the festive spirit of the evening, and raise needed funds to keep the Mystic Chorale going in the year ahead.

Please fill out one form for each item you are donating.

The last step will be to email a photo of your item to Linda Shoemaker, at If you have any trouble with this form, or with locating or sending an image to please let Linda know.

Thank you so much!
Name *
Email address *
Donation Item with short description including any "caveats, time limits, etc) *
Item Value *
Minimum Bid - IF you wish to state a minimum bid. If not, the auction organizers will set the minimum at approximately 50% of the item value.
How will the buyer take delivery of the item? *
If Ship, do you want to add estimated shipping to minimum bid so you will be reimbursed?
Clear selection
If Other, please explain
Thank you! Please send a photograph of your item, or an image that represents the spirit of your item.
Please email a photo to Linda Shoemaker, If you have trouble finding a suitable photo, please let Linda know. Thank you!

If you have additional items, please use a new form for each item. Thank you!
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