Media Communications Request
Please complete this form to request media and/or graphic assistance for FLIPANY programs and events. This support includes editing flyers, capturing video/photo footage and editing footage.
General request: Request should be completed no later than three (3) weeks out from the event date or project due date for approval. If a video/photo footage* request is made less than three weeks out, support for this event is contingent on availability. You will be notified by the Communications Coordinator in such case. If a video or flyer editing request is made less than three weeks out from the project due date, a three week due date will be assigned to this project.

Urgent request: Each staff member is allowed two (2) urgent media request tickets per year. An urgent media request is one that needs attention with one (1) week or less notice before event date or project due date.

*Requests for video footage are approved based on its alignment to FLIPANY's Strategic Communications Plan. If the Communications Committee determines that that it does not align with our annual objectives, the request will not be approved.

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