BELLRINGER: FRESHMAN TECHNOLOGY- Research Projects and Paper Topic Selection Form.
One of the expectations you will have as a high school student is the writing of papers. You will receive these assignments in many types of classes, from Business to Social Studies to Language Arts. For our upcoming Freshman Technology project, you will learn how to do basic research on a topic and how to properly format a paper, complete with citations.

For a topic, you will be researching the beginning, evolution and current state of one of your FAVORITE THINGS, as outlined in your chart from the first couple of days of class. Please select a PRODUCT from the outside ring of your FAVORITE THINGS CHART completed a few days ago. I recommend selecting a topic that you enjoy, but also one for which you will be able to gather plenty of historical information.

(Choose your topic wisely! This topic will be the basis of most of the work done for the rest of the quarter in this class!)

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Freshman Technology Class: *
Please open up your version of your "Favorite Things List." LIST your personal TOP FIVE favorite PRODUCTS from your list. *
Your list should be CONSUMER GOODS such as "Dr. Pepper," "Ford," "Levi's," "Dorito's," "Ben & Jerry's," etc. DO NOT list NON-CONSUMER GOODS such as bands, books, movies, meat, the Middle Ages, goats, the color purple, the latest viral meme video game that has been out for 3 days, family members, astrological signs or paranormal phenomena.)
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Now, select ONE of these top five topics to be the focus of ALL of your work and research for the rest of the quarter in this class. *
Don't pick a topic that you aren't really interested in, you will be spending a LOT of time working on this topic. Also, don't pick your VERY favorite thing ever, because you might get tired of it soon!
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Now jump over to GOOGLE. Put in the Google search term "HISTORY OF your topic". Click through to the first 4-5 entries. Describe the pages. Do you see a lot of good information regarding your history topic? Dates? Events? *
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Do you feel that your topic will give you a good selection of research material, so that you will be able to write your paper? *
Do you need to change your paper topic to a topic that will be more easily researched? If so, go back 3 questions and start over again. *
Use your detective skills. What date is your paper due? *
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