LASO Mid Semester General Body Survey
Hola Familia!!! This is a mid-semester (I know it’s almost the end of the semester) survey to get more insight from our members on what works and doesn’t work. I want you all to be heard and this is one way to have everyone’s responses in one place. The information collected will be used to help build programming for next year and as feedback for this current and future E-Boards to be able to reference. Please be completely honest with your responses, this is the best way for us to know what you all want to see! We are here to serve you and create a safe, loving and welcoming space for y’all! 

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!

From your President,
Denise Dominguez
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How did you hear about LASO? 
What do you want and/or need out of LASO? *
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Would you prefer for more of our outside media (Social media and newsletter) and meetings to be bilingual?  *
Would you be interested in a mentorship program through LASO? Having the opportunity to create families, or partnerships through having a big or a little.  *
What are some things you enjoy about LASO?  *
What are some things you would change or improve in LASO?  *
Do you have any questions or concerns regarding Northeastern’s Real Estate Development?
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