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We are a group of residents working together to create safe, affordable housing for all. Please join us in our fight to:
1. Protect all residents from unsafe housing and irresponsible landlords
2. Improve access to housing resources and housing choices for all residents

Make your voice heard by sharing your story with us, so we can advocate for you.
Are you comfortable having your story made into a written profile to share with legislators and stakeholders or shared on social media? (You may share anonymously, just select no and do not provide your personal information below.) *
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How long have you lived in your current residence?
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How much do you pay in rent?
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If you had to move, how easy would it be to find another place to live?
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Does your landlord respond to repair requests?
What do you feel are the biggest issues regarding housing in our neighborhoods?
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How could we solve those problems?
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Thank you for sharing your housing story with us!
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