Teacher-Powered Inventory Survey
Welcome! We are excited to have your team join our Teacher-Powered Inventory. We maintain this inventory to help strengthen the network of teacher-powered schools by allowing schools to find one another, and to help us track and understand the growing national movement. Our inventory tracks public district and charter schools who have the autonomy and authority to make final decisions in areas impacting student success.

We regularly discover schools, are referred to schools or are contacted by schools who believe they could be described as teacher-powered and would like to be added to our inventory. When we learn of such a school, we seek to understand:

1. Does the collective group of teachers have final authority to make decisions at the school (as opposed to an advisory role)? We evaluate teachers’ level of authority in fifteen areas of autonomy.
2. How does the group of teachers get its authority? We’ve found that there are a variety of ways in which teachers get authority.

Please complete the following information about your school site. We will be in touch within two weeks to follow up and get you connected to teacher-powered. If you have any questions please reach out to Amy Junge at amy@educationevolving.org.
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