MuttsWorld PvP Content Creator Application
The focus for our PvP Content Creators will be on quests. Two roles are needed to make a successful quest: Designers and Builders. To the best of you ability, please fill out all questions that apply to you.
Minecraft Username *
Please provide the username(s) you use in-game on MuttsWorld!
Discord Name (Include #s!) *
What is your name on Discord? Please include the #s that come after your name!
Age *
How old are you?
Position *
What position on are you applying for?
What days are you most available in any given week? *
How many hours can you commit to designing/building per week? *
Designer - Describe your level of experience with writing short-stories (e.g. writing as a hobby).
Builder - Describe your level of experience with building. Have you worked as a builder on any servers before?
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