Application for consideration for Read / Write / Local 2019
Are you a published author from Avon Lake, a nearby community, or northeast Ohio in general?
Do you have books to sell that appeal to a general audience?
Do you play well with others? Do you like meeting people and talking about what you do?
You may want to complete this application then!

Please note:

The event is Saturday, November 9, 2019, 10am-4pm.
It is concurrent with our Friends Used Book Sale, so we hope to draw a lot of people.
We cannot pay you for your appearance, but lunch for you and a helper/assistant will be provided.

This application closes on August 31, 2019. The R/W/L committee will make decisions about participants based on many factors that may include: 1.) your proximity to Avon Lake 2.) audience and appeal for your work 3.) genre or the subject of your work.
Space is limited and we will let you know our decisions by mid-September.
Questions? Contact Gerry Vogel @ gvogel (at sign in the middle) or call at 440-933-7238

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Here'e the place to elaborate on "other" talents or anything we didn't ask you earlier!
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