DerbyCon 9 - Call for Trainers
Awesome - you're looking to provide training at DerbyCon. Use this form to submit your plans for a training course. You are welcome to submit multiple training courses. If accepted, DerbyCon will reach out via the email address provided in this form (email address input directly below this description). DerbyCon does not provide reimbursement for travel and expenses. Payment terms will be communicated upon acceptance. Follow @DerbyCon for additional announcements.
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Additional Trainer Email Addresses
If you have additional email addresses due to multiple trainers, input them here
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Trainer Names *
List out the name of the trainers and applicable titles/handles (this will be on website and printed in handout).
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Trainer Bio(s) *
This is where you get to show your stuff to the attendees on the website and handout. We know you're awesome, just need to show the world! :)
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Course Name *
This would be the name of your training that will show in the handouts and website.
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Course Description *
Please provide a description for your course that will show in the handout to attendees and on the website.
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Course Outline *
This would be a course outline broken out by Day 1 and Day 2 which shows what the course will entail. This will be published in the handout and the website.
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Required Materials *
What will the students be required to bring to the class? (windows/osx/linux laptop, flash drive, paperwork, etc)
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Additional Requirements
All training rooms will have screen and projector with VGA/hdmi connection. Wired internet access will be available to the trainer. Wireless internet will be available for students. Each room is on a separate LAN. If you need anything extra, let us know - such as a whiteboard, speakers, etc
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How many students would you like in your training room? *
Let us know the maximum number students you feel comfortable training. This is not a guarantee for class attendance, it will be used for capacity planning
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