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Why do you log in to Second Life?
This could be to meet friends, to earn money, to pursue ambitions, or a combination of reasons. Or it could be for something completely different!
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What sort of people do you think Second Life appeals to most?
For example - young people, older people, or some other group entirely
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What sort of training should be offered to people new to Second Life?
Should it be offered primarily by the Lab? Should it be offered by residents - or by a team of residents appointed by the Lab?
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What kind of a community in Second Life would you like to live in?
An Irish fishing village of a New York brownstone, a houseboat on a lake or a treehouse? What would you like?
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What added value would help to make a community vibrant?
Maybe it's fishing or a games area. Maybe it's a cafe to meet in, or a place to play sport. Maybe it's a good music venue or an art gallery. Maybe it's a combination - or maybe it's down to the people, not the places.
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