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This is auto-response 'contact service' by the team of 'Shiv Baba Service Initiative' of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University (

Guidance/Answer will be given as per the category of your question and you will be able to direct contact us via email, whatsapp, or urgent form if you need further help.

We understand you... In the love of the world, we have devoted our life to solve your problems and show you the way to God, the supreme father - the way on which we also are walking.. We advise you to use this service nicely and please follow the guidance written here.
We may not be able to help everyone at the same time, BUT if you connect to the source (GOD), then all problems will disappear and you will discover the purpose of life. Thus we invite you to learn "RajYoga meditation"➤

➤This service is in Beta. We welcome your feedback (link given on last page of this form - after you click 'submit')
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