Presentation/Panel Request Form: Summer/Fall 2019
Hello all!

Thank you for your interest in our educational services! This form is used to request a presentation for your class/organization/department for the Summer/Fall 2019 Semester. The deadline to request a presentation for this semester is September 2nd. Requests will be given priority based on the day and time they are submitted. If you want to request multiple presentations on different dates/times, you must submit ONE request for EACH presentation. Please note that each presentation/panel lasts about 50 minutes.

We will contact you via email to confirm your presentation. Last minute presentation requests will rarely be considered.

If you have any questions, please email! For more information about these services, visit our website at

Thank you!
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The following dates are unavailable for ANY presentation or panel:
August 8th-15th, August 20th, September 9th, October 2nd, October 7th-11th, November 6th, November 20th, and December 12th-December 20th.
**As we finalize Summer and Fall events, we may have more unavailable dates
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