2018 Mukti Retreats Scholarship Application
Submit your application by January 31, 2018
Complete this form thoughtfully and follow the instructions carefully. Use this form only for retreats with Mukti hosted by Open Gate Sangha in 2018. If you are interested in a different event, visit the Events area at MuktiSource.org to find the scholarship application for that event.

We do our best to respond to Retreat Scholarship Applications within 2 weeks after the application deadline.

About Retreat Scholarships
Open Gate Sangha offers a limited number of retreat scholarships for those who need financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded based on a number of criteria, including availability of scholarship funds, applicant’s financial need, thoughtfulness of application, and prior scholarships awarded to the applicant. We cannot guarantee a scholarship award to any individual.

It is our hope to make Mukti’s retreats accessible to those who are called to participate. Toward that end, Open Gate Sangha offers two kinds of retreat scholarships:


A Partial Scholarship is an award equal to the event fee. Partial Scholarship recipients will be responsible for reserving and paying for their housing with the retreat site. Please only apply for a partial scholarship if you can afford to pay for your housing. Retreat housing applications and instructions are sent with the scholarship award email; please do not contact the retreat site until you have received your letter and instructions.


A Full Scholarship is an award equal to the event fee plus the housing fee (equal to the cost of the least expensive indoor housing). Information about how to reserve housing is sent with the scholarship award email (please do not contact the retreat site until you have received a confirmation). If you require a room of greater cost than is covered in the scholarship, you are responsible for paying the difference in cost. We offer very few Full Scholarships.

How to Apply
If you choose to apply for a scholarship, do not preregister for the retreat.

1. Click Next button at the bottom of each page to proceed to the next step.
2. Read the Important Information, make sure you have a free member account, and decide which retreats to apply for.
3. Complete your application with care by the deadline noted above.

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