Free Fitness Classes at the Community Center Pop-Up Day!
Please use this form to sign up for FREE fitness classes on September 21st! We're offering these as part of the Community Center Pop-Up Day...

Big thank you to Danielle Rothy, Jesse Taylor, and Harold Vance for putting on these awesome classes!

The class descriptions are immediately below this... below the descriptions, you'll see how to sign up for classes!
HIIT Fit with Danielle (8am to 9am)
HIIT, or high-intensity-interval-training, is a training program where you give 100% for a quick burst followed by a short, sometimes active, recovery period. This type of training gets, and keeps, your heart rate up and burns more fat in faster time.

What you need to bring with you: a mat and a set of light to moderate weights

Maximum Participants: 15
Yoga with Jesse (10am to 11am)
-Description Forthcoming-

What you need to bring with you: If you have a yoga mat, please bring it! We will try to provide as many as possible.

Maximum Participants: 30
Circuit Training with Danielle (12pm to 1pm)
This bootcamp style class will work in stations. Go through 2-4 circuits of various exercises focused on strength, cardio, and core. All levels welcome!

What you need to bring with you: Please bring a mat and a moderate set of dumbbells!

Maximum Participants: 15
Intro to German Longsword Fencing with Harold (2pm to 3pm)
Class will cover essential basics of Historic German Longsword Fencing, including going over parts of the sword, basic cuts, postures, and footwork.

What you need to bring with you: Nothing! Training swords will be provided.

no strict age range, just mature enough to participate in martial art/sword training with due discipline and focus

Maximum Participants: 10
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