Trombly Gardens 2020 Season Info & Sign Up (deadline APRIL 15th):
It's an exciting time at the farm with the new stand and the excitement of the spring is just around the corner! Check out what's coming for 2020:

1. We are offering a full season produce farm share/CSA as well as 6-month or year-long meat shares.
2. Choose from multiple share sizes. Family sized boxes will be enough food to feed a larger family/those who love to cook lots of veggies weekly. Standard sized boxes are enough for a smaller family or couple or folks who are new to CSAs. There are multiple sizes of meat shares as well.
3. CSA members will be the first to receive the extra rewards of the season like access to any bonus produce or additional pick-your-own items.
4. You may choose which from two convenient pick up days: Wednesday (3pm to close) or Saturday (all day).
5. Make visiting the farm a weekly family event! Explore the farm, visit the barnyard animals, buy your spring seedlings and enjoy the beauty of pick your own flowers when they are in full bloom.Take part in periodic children’s exploration activities led by Anjali Longan at the farm when you go to pick up your share (**potential to be delayed until partway through the season due to the current health crisis**).

So...What is a CSA??

As many folks know, a farm share, or CSA ("Community Supported Agriculture) program, is a relationship between a farm and the local community. Shareholders pay for their entire share up front in winter when seeds have been ordered, greenhouses are kicking into full operation and the land appears dormant. Come the beginning of harvest, shares begin to become available and shareholders have fruits and veggies waiting for them on their pick-up day each week.
A CSA is a great opportunity to eat seasonally, try different foods and feel a deep sense of connection to a local farm. CSA shareholders get the chance to enjoy what a New England harvest has to offer and learn to be creative, allowing the season to dictate their daily menu. This can be great fun and CSAs have become more popular each and every year.

Trombly Gardens is a fourth generation family farm, nestled just outside of Downtown Milford, New Hampshire. The land has been farmed since 1950 and has a very diverse history making it a perfect example of New England agriculture. It started as a poultry farm and then, like many farms in New England, made the leap to a Holstein dairy farm. Today, Trombly Gardens grows quality fruits and vegetables using Integrated Pest Management as well as a natural approach to many of our crops. We have remained tied to our roots in raising animals; today pasture-raising cattle and hogs. It is important to our family that our livestock live on untreated green pastures with room to roam the outdoors in a clean and healthy environment.


For some folks, a CSA share might not be the right move. If you prefer to buy only the foods that you know your family eats, or if you absolutely hate kale or tomatoes, and dislike trying new things like kohlrabi or beets greens, then shopping at our Farm Stand is just perfect for you. If this sounds like a better choice for you, consider joining our FARM BUCKS program instead. Load the amount you want onto your farm bucks card and receive a bonus for loading your “local food dollars” onto the card before the growing season begins. Your farm bucks card can be used on anything in our farm stand. The earlier you sign up, the more you save.
Produce options for 2020: *
Are you interested in splitting your weekly share with another family? If any other families express the same interest I would be happy to be the matchmaker :-) All weekly logistics would be the responsibility of the partner families. *
If purchasing a vegetable farm share/CSA, you have the option to add on a flower share for the duration of the season (19-22 weeks) for $100. * Please note that flower shares begin at a later date than the beginning of the CSA and will run until the first frost. *
If purchasing a vegetable farm share/CSA, you have the option to add on an egg share for the duration of the season (19-22 weeks) for $85. *
Meat options for 2020:
If you are interested in eating locally-raised meats raised by a family farm this program may be of great interest to you! This share allows you to get a sampling of beef and pork raised right here at Trombly Gardens. You may choose an all beef, all pork, or standard mixed share. Shares include a farmer's selection of steaks, burgers, ribs, bacon, sausage, roasts and more throughout the duration of the subscription. For the 6 pick up choices, you may specify your start month.
Interested in meat? *
For meat buyers, please specify below:
Name (please also list any spouses/partners/secondary shareholders who might also pick up for you): *
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If signing up for a vegetable CSA, which pickup day works best for you?
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How did you find out about us? Facebook, word of mouth, printed flyer? If from a flyer, where did you spot it? *
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Please list any additional questions here. After you submit this form we will contact you with your amount due. Please note that cash or check is preferred for all meat share and farm bucks purchases. Remember to submit payments for the vegetable farm share/CSA by February 1st in order to receive your 10% discount at the stand! Checks may be made payable to "Trombly Gardens".
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