Marching Band 2019 End-of-Season Survey
Please fill out every question. Thank you for your feedback! Please see this schedule for more details on when rehearsals are occurring (or the band calendar):
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Check which activities you want to do for the rest of the semester. Note - attendance is REQUIRED and will be taken until the end of the semester for your marching band class grade. ONLY sign up for Jazz, Steel Drum, or Guard if you intend on auditioning into these groups later. Otherwise pick the "Concert Band" option. *
Jazz Instrument (if interested in Jazz). If you are interested in multiple instruments, check all you can play. *
Who would be a great section leader for your section next year? *
What would be a good show concept for next year? *
Do you know of someone at Corona not in Marching Band who should consider joining next year? If so list their name and what instrument they play (or if someone that would be good for Guard) *
Are you interested in being in Band Council (section leader/committees, etc.) next year? (Graduating seniors: select "Senior - N/A") *
Are you interested in trying out to be Drum Major next year? (Seniors: select "Senior - N/A") *
Are you returning to marching band next year? (Graduating seniors: select "Senior - N/A") *
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