COAF 2019 Cosplay Competition Masters Application
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Cosplay Name or Group Name *
This is how you will be announced on stage and how it will appear on any awards received.
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Real Name *
Your full, real name(s) as given when you registered for Colorado Anime Fest.
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COAF Staff *
Are you a member of COAF staff?
Past Contest Participation *
Have you competed in the COAF Cosplay Competition before? If so, at what level? And did you win any awards?
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Model *
If you're not modeling your own costume, please choose "Other" and list the model’s cosplay name and COAF registered name.
Resume or Portfolio *
PLEASE INCLUDE A COPY OF THIS APPLICATION IN YOUR PORTFOLIO. The portfolio will count for 15% of your total score.
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Stage Assistance *
Will you require assistance getting on or off stage?
Technical Assistance *
Will you require technical assistance for your time on stage? This includes music and recorded audio. If you do have technical components, you be given a meeting time with our tech staff to arrange any performance needs.
Reproduction *
Is this costume a reproduction, based on a character/series, or an original idea? Please describe.
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Judging Specifics *
Are there any portions of the cosplay that you wish to specifically have judged or not judged?
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Costume Modifications *
Are there any modifications you chose to make, and if so, why?
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Methods and Materials *
Please offer a short description of the methods and materials utilized for creation of this piece, as well as what elements were purchased as-is.
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Tell Us More *
Tell us about this cosplay! What inspired you to create it? What are your favorite parts? What was your biggest challenge? What, if any, changes would you make if you were to build it again?
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