Sunshine Conversations Multi-party EAP
This is an application for admission into the Early Access Program (EAP) for Multi-party Conversations - a new set of capabilities part of the Sunshine Conversations messaging platform.

The purpose of this Early Access Program is to provide a select set of customers access to a new version of the Sunshine Conversations APIs that unlock more sophisticated messaging scenarios, including multiple users per conversation, multiple instances of a channel, multiple conversations per user, and new conversation types.

Some sample use cases for this EAP include multi-sided conversations, group conversations & communities, conversational communities, internal messaging & collaboration, and conversation monitoring. To learn about how you can use multiparty conversations for your business visit

Please take the time to carefully answer the questions contained in this form. Your answers will be used to accelerate the interview and on-boarding process, and help us plan future releases of Multi-Party Conversations. Once your application is approved, your account manager will be in touch with you to proceed with account activation.

Early Access Program Details
In order to be eligible for this Early Access Program, you must be on a Sunshine Conversations Premium or Enterprise plan. Admission into this EAP does not guarantee access to this capability once it is Generally Available (GA). Pricing and plan inclusion is also subject to change at GA.

As part of participating in this program, we ask that you do a few things.

1. Help us intimately understand your use case
2. Provide feedback on the feature, ease of use, and documentation
3. Report any bugs and outline product gaps
4. Be open to working very closely with us on development, initially and ongoing through this stage
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