Food Vendor Registration 2021
Feb. 5-7, 2021
Company/Organization Name *
Contact Person *
Business Address/Address of Contact Person *
Contact Phone Number *
Contact Email Address (Will be used for billing.) *
Tax ID # *
Type of Concession *
Food Description *
Number of Amps Required for Concession: *Proper plugs will be required; No direct wiring into BREAKERS – NO EXCEPTION! *
FEES: Deadline DECEMBER 31, 2019 = $700 PER SPACE; Health Permit Required; TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE BILLED: *
Total Amount Owed: (Will be billed at email address above. Instructions will be included.)
PAYMENT: Credit Card, Cash, or Cashier's check made payable to: KREWE OF HEBE (Money Orders or Personal Checks are no longer accepted) We will contact you about billng. *
SET UP: Starting Thursday, February 4th @ 3pm
* All concessions must have a valid health permit, visit for your permit application. Each concession is responsible for disposing of gray water. Gray water will not be permitted on the ground – NO EXCEPTIONS! *
* We will limit the number of vendors with the same type food. Please get your applications in early and if you have an alternate food item make sure you list it on application.
Have you participated as a vendor with Mardi Gras in Jefferson, Texas? *
Which year(s)?
For more information: Contact Victor Perot - Phone: 903-930-8957 or OR Ken Altman @ or 903-503-8037;
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