*** Top Company In Fine Chemical, Decent Salary. Quality Control Manager Is Needed. Company is India's top company in their sector. Apply Urgently***
Very good company which is growing very fast, you can also grow fast with the company. Right now they are number one in their sector in India and getting lots of export orders. Soon will be world's leading company.

Why candidates should apply for this job:

The client for whom we are sourcing is India's one of the fastest growing company in the area of fine chemicals.

They are No. 1 in their sector in India and likely to be a global player in future.

In last five years, the company has grown by around 300% plus.

Management team has IITian and IIM MBAs.

They give one of the highest increment in salary to their employees.

Other than some junior employees, senior people do not leave them.

They pay well to their employees.

They are getting many overseas order and hence proves their credibility worldwide.


We require Quality Control Chemist who will interact with production and Development teams to maintain a quality plan to bring the company’s quality.



Job title: Quality Control Manager
Department: Quality Control
Reporting to: MD

Duties & Responsibilities including key result areas:

1. Plan and co-ordinate all activities of the department with optimal utilization of resources.
2. Working with purchase department to establish quality requirements.
3. Ensure compliance with national and international standards and legislation.
4. Consider the application of environmental and health and safety standards.
5. Agreeing standards and establishing clearly defined quality methods for staff to achieve accuracy and precision.
6. Defining quality procedure in conjunction with operating staff.
7. Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures.
8. Attending to customers complaints within 48 hours and agreeing with customer’s plan of action to get the issue resolved as per the QC head requirement.
9. Monitoring performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports.
10. Organize and manage quality assurance function with the customers and with the company’s management.
11. Identifying the relevant quality related training needs and delivering training.
12. Collating and analyzing performance data and charts against defined parameters.
13. Ensuring test procedures are properly understood carried out and evaluate and that product modifications are investigated if necessary.
14. Manage and maintain the company’s quality inspection and product release programs for incoming and in- process materials and components, processes and finished goods.
15. Setting QA compliance objectives and ensuring that the targets are achieved.
16. Assessing the product specifications of the company and its suppliers, and comparing it with customers’ requirements.
17. Maintain quality manual and work towards ISO 9001 implementations.
18. GLC Machine maintenance
19. All QC procedure improvements if required or solve any procedural difficulty.
20. To ensure proper housekeeping in the Lab.
21. Daily collect stock records from tank by checking levels.
22. Supervise the process the MPO tank circulation, to do analysis for that & transfer it to main tank.
23. To do drum Sampling of PEA along with its analysis.
24. To do in-process

Experience:- 2 Years or more

Salary:- As per industry Standards

Location: - 1 hour from Hadapsar, Pune


Company Information:-
Humble beginning with a plant in New Bombay 30 years ago for manufacture of speciality chemicals, mainly for the fine chemical industry. The company has made products like phenyl ethyl alcohol involving use of highly hazardous material like ethylene oxide.

Qualification – B. Sc (Chemistry ), M.Sc.

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