2019/2020 Summit Dance Works Fall Registration
Please complete the full registration form to reserve a spot for your dancer for the 19/20 dance season at Summit Dance Works.

1. Class Schedule - Select the classes under your dancer's age/level to save a spot for your dancer in the class
2. Personal Information- Please fill out with the most updated contact information
3. Policies and Procedures- Please read over our policies and procedures page and mark that you understand and agree to the terms if applicable

Go here to view our pricing breakdown chart: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JTYIpFkUby0jTMuVp8xeB-qKQFDTxnd7

*This form is timestamped for entries, if a class notes there is a certain number of spots remaining, the spot in the class will go to the next person who signed up for it. SDW will contact you if the class you're trying to sign up for filled before your entry and will help find the best available class for your dancer!

Summit Dance Works' Upper Level Programs:
Beginning- 2nd & 3rd Grade
Building- 4th & 5th Grade
Focus/Rising (Teen)- 6th Grade - 18 Year Old Beginners
Numbered Classes- Graded Technique program- For experienced dancers who should be leveled into these classes by an SDW instructor

Specialty Classes
3 Yr Old Classes
4 Yr Old Classes
Kindergarten Classes
1ST Grade Classes
Beginning/Building Level (2nd & 3rd / 4th & 5th Grade)
Teen Classes (6th - 12th Grade)
Graded Technique Program- Dancers should've been leveled for these classes by SDW Instructor
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