"A Visit to Oaklenbrooke Farm" REVIEW TEAM!

It's here!

A chance to read this exciting tale before anyone else!

I would LOVE to blow up the internet on launch day. Okay, not LITERALLY, but, you know what I mean. ;)

In order for that to happen, I need YOU. You'll be the matches to my dynamite, the explosion to my gunpowder, the...okay, I'm running out of examples, so...I'll just stop.

Would you be willing to read a PDF copy of "A Visit to Oaklenbrooke Farm" and post an honest review on Amazon when launch day comes?

I would love for you to join me in this endeavor!

Because reviews are one of the most AMAZING gifts you can ever give an author, and because I appreciate and love each and every one of you SO MUCH, you'll have a chance to win a FREE hardcover copy of this special story! JUST for the select people who post a review!

Not only that, but I'll personally autograph it for your little one(s)!

You don't have to be a mom in order to participate! You can read this story to your sibling, or your niece or nephew, or the kid across the street, or the children chasing the ice-cream truck. You get the picture. (ALSO, can we talk about why in the world the ice cream truck is running in JANUARY?!)

This story is less than 300 words. It takes less than five-ten minutes to read!

If I don't have you yawning yet, here's some more info:

“Today we’re going to Oaklenbrooke Farm, I can hardly stand the wait.

Let’s hurry and get ready, it wouldn’t do to be late!”

Follow along as brother and sister embark on a journey to the neighbor's farm! 

 A wise goat, a family of messy pigs, a silly old donkey, and that's just the beginning of the exciting animals who live at Oaklenbrooke Farm.

15 charming illustrations bring this rhyming story to life, as you learn about these animals along with your new friends!
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