Pulaski County Internet Survey
Welcome to the Appalachian Power Internet Survey for Pulaski County! Our goal is to better understand Internet service availability and reliability in your community and in the region. By completing this survey, you will help provide valuable, anonymous information about the unserved communities in need of improved Internet service. If you have any questions, please contact krh@blueridge-group.com.

1. What is the physical address where your household or business receives (or would receive) Internet service? Please include FULL street address, city, and zip code. *
2. Is there a student currently living at this address? *
3. Do you currently have Internet service at this address? *
4. If "No", what is the main reason why you do not have Internet service at this address?
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5. If "Yes", what type of Internet service do you have?
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6. Who is your Internet service provider?
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7. What is the approximate speed of your household's Internet service? If you are not sure, go to www.speedtest.net from your home laptop or computer.
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8. How much do you pay monthly for Internet service?
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9. How reliable is your Internet service (1 being "Completely Unreliable and 10 being "Very Reliable")?
Completely Unreliable
Very Reliable
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10. On average, how long does a typical Internet service outages last?
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11. Generally, how satisfied are you with your Internet service (1 being "Completely Dissatisfied and 10 being "Very Satisfied")?
Completely Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
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Please include any other comments about your Internet service.
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