Sexual Misconduct Reporting Experience Survey: UISG
Do you have experience with reporting sexual misconduct at the University of Iowa? University of Iowa Student Government would like to hear from you about your experience so we can work with the various departments on campus to improve the process for survivors. For your knowledge, the only people who will have access to the responses on this survey are Hira Mustafa (UISG President) and Kyle Scheer (UISG Cabinet Director). If you would feel more comfortable sending a private email to another individual, please feel free to do so.

Should you need support, guidance or help, please contact Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP): 319-335-6000

Which office/departments were a part of your reporting experience that you would like to share?
About how long ago was the report made?
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What was your experience with the University of Iowa sexual misconduct reporting process? What went well? Want went poorly?
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How could the process be improved?
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