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Landowner of destination
Complete ONLY if horse(s) will not be on property you own.
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Are you financially able to fund all aspects of care needed for the horses you want to adopt, long term? (Examples: housing, fencing, feed, vet care- treatments for injuries and illness, worming, vaccines, regular farrier costs, trailering, equipment, etc.) *
How many years of equine management, riding, and/or training experience do you have? *
How many horses do you currently have? Please provide genders and ages. *
Adoption Information
Please use this section to provide information about the types of horses you are interested in adopting from Fleet of Angels during the 'Hallelujah Horses' mission. We encourage the adoption of at least two horses so bonded herd mates can stay together. Please answer each question. Any additional requests may be detailed at the end of the section.
Horse(s) are being adopted from . . .
Provide the name, address, and phone number of the person who currently has the horse(s) that you are applying to adopt. Complete ONLY if the horse(s) are being adopted forward. 'Adopted forward' means that the adoption is being transferred from one adoptor to another by Fleet of Angels.
How many horses are you applying to adopt? *
(Bonded horses must be adopted together.)
Ages and genders of horses applied for. *
Provide whatever information is available. (Stallions adopted must be gelded and not used for breeding purposes.)
What are your long term plans for the horses and what will they be used for? *
Will you train them, or have them trained? Do you or your trainer have experience training horses using only natural horsemanship techniques? *
Natural horsemanship is defined by Fleet of Angels as human training that does not cause pain, fear, or intimidation.
Do you plan to adopt these horses forward (following FOA guidelines), or keep them long term? Describe your philosophy on keeping or giving up horses after they are of no use to you, or of no interest to you any more? *
If you have any additional information, questions, requests, etc, regarding adoption, please use this box.
Facility Information
Please use this section to describe the facility in which the adopted horse(s) will be living. All answers are required.
Describe size, type fencing, fence height, etc. *
Do you have pasture for the horses you adopt? (Describe size/acres, type fencing, fence height, dry lot or grazing, etc.) *
Describe your shelter(s) including type, size, and construction materials. *
Describe the type of feed you will provide. *
Describe the watering system you will provide. *
How do you plan to transport the horses to your home (self / friend / commercial / Fleet of Angels transporter)?  *
Describe the trailer to be used (number of horses it's designed for, whether trailer is a stock trailer or horse trailer, number of gates/dividers, whether ramp/step-up, etc.)  All partial dividers in all trailers should be removed or locked against walls if hauling wild horses.)
Answer required ONLY if transporting wild or unhandled horses.
If you have any additional information, questions, requests, etc, regarding facilities, please use this box.
Terms of Adoption and Prohibited Acts

The following terms apply to all wild horses adopted under this Private Maintenance and Care Agreement:

To agree with a Term please select "Yes."
1. Do you (adopter) agree to insure that the horses you adopt will not be separated permanently or for long periods of time, and that if separated due to death, the remaining horse will always have the company of another equine? *
2. Do you (adoper) agree to be fully responsible for providing proper feed and care? *
3. Do you (adopter) agree to notify Fleet of Angels of any change in your address or change in location of the animal within 10 days. *
4. Do you (adopter) agree that the animal shall not be transported to the care of adopter until this contract is signed by both current adopter and new adopter? *
5. I (adopter) authorize any Fleet of Animals administrator or designated agent to unilaterally retake possession of the animal, without prior notice to me, in the event I default in any terms or conditions of this agreement, and will accept financial responsibility for all costs related for recovery of the horse(s). *
6. Further, in event I (adopter) default in any terms and conditions of the Adoption Agreement, I shall indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless Fleet of Angels, it’s officers, directors and members from any liability which may rise out of default, and I further agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Fleet of Angels that may arise in connection with the enforcement of the terms and conditions of this Purchase Agreement. *
7. I (adopter) assume full liability for the animal included in this Adoption Agreement and for any damages it may cause to persons, animals or property. *
8. Further, I (adopter) agree to submit the following information to Fleet of Angels: a. Notice of serious health problems such as accidental injury or disease; b. Notice of intent to destroy the animal, unless the situation is an emergency illness or injury; c. Notice of the animal’s death within 7 days, including a veterinarian’s written statement of the apparent cause of death. *
9. Further, I (adopter) agree to allow any administrator or designated agent of Fleet of Angels to monitor the animal from time to time, and take immediate possession of the animal if Fleet of Angels determines, in its discretion that I have, at any time, neglected, abused, or failed to provide adequate care for the animal. *
10. I (adopter) agree to have the written approval of Fleet of Angels before giving away or selling any horse (This also applies to foals born to pregnant mares adopted through this program). I understand that if I choose to give up my horses, it is my responsibility to find new adoption candidates for the horses, together; that candidates will be required to apply to adopt through the Fleet of Angels adoption application process, and that only if approved by Fleet of Angels, will the horses be allowed to be adopted by a candidate. I agree to cover the costs of Coggins testing, vet certificate, and brand inspections as well as costs for transporting the horses to the new adopter unless the new adopter agrees to cover some or all of those costs. *
PROHIBITED ACTS: 1. Maliciously or negligently injuring or harassing an adopted horse; 2. Treating a horse inhumanely; 3. Selling a horse, whether intentional or unintentional, for sale for slaughter; 4) selling, giving, leasing, or loaning a horse to another person deemed by Fleet of Angels to offer inadequate living/housing conditions or where any animals on the property receive neglectful or abusive treatment. *
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Name and phone number of person completing application on behalf of and under the instruction of the adopter, if other than adopter.
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If the form does not proceed to the Thank You screen, please review your answers. There will be a red note beside each required answer which has been left blank.


To connect with equine transporters who offer discounts to adopters and rescuers, adopters are welcome to use the Directory and the Map of Angels at www.FleetOfAngels.org. Another helpful resource is the Fleet of Angels transportation networking page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FleetOfAngels. Adopters using the Fleet of Angels network to seek transportation are responsible for making their own arrangements and doing due diligence on transporters, rates, etc.

Updated 12/7/2018
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