How I make work flow with Jira and Innovalog's JMWE or JMCF
Share your JMWE or JMCF use cases with your peers. For each submission (before June 16th), when published, you'll be entered for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch gaming console. The form is short:

Step 1: Use Case Information
Step 2: Contact Information/Raffle entry

Make sure to submit YOUR MOST INNOVATIVE USE CASES to get a chance to win another Nintendo Switch (yes, we'll give away two!). After the raffle ends, we will select the most interesting use cases, give authors an opportunity to write up step-by-step implementation instructions and publish it. Then, the community will select the winner. More details to follow, but make sure to enter by June 16th.

Enter one use case per submission. Don't worry, we will make editorial corrections, if needed, before publishing.

Step 1: Use case information
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Explain the problem you needed to solve and for whom *
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What does the solution look like? *
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Provide a quick overview of how you implemented it, with focus on using JMWE or JMCF
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List JMWE or JMCF features (i.e. post-functions) used
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How were they deployed?
What is the use case for?
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If you prefer, you can email all information, a link to a Google Doc, or screenshots to
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