Bampot Space Reservations Form
Hello and welcome to our Back Room reservation form! You're here because you have a vision of bringing an event into reality! We want to support you in the manifestation of this vision. Let's work together to make that happen =)

Please take a few moments to fill out this booking reservation form.

The Back Room is a mid-sized space located at the back of our venue which contains a small stage. The room is furnished to accommodate 15-20 people. If you’d like to remove the furniture and deck the space out in cushions and carpets, it can fit upwards of 30 people.

The space is conducive in supporting the basic requirements of impromptu jams. It includes an electric keyboard, a guitar, 2 djembes, some shakers, 2 mics, 2 stands and 3 amps (2 fixed and one portable). It also includes a projector & screen if needed.

**We have a storage area if you’d like to move the furniture out of the room for the duration of your event. We encourage you to come at least 30 minutes prior to your event to set the room up as you’d like. Your responsibility as the host is to ensure the room is put back to the way it was when you arrived.

Here are a few ways to ante-up your Bampot Experience while you're here =)
These additional fees can be sorted out on on the day of your event.
Please select which elements you'd like to feature for your event.
Let us meet your party's needs by having your private event catered. We can accommodate everything from a simple tea station to a full service lunch or dinner.


- Organic Vegetarian/vegan soup (our chefs have dozens of recipes to choose from and take requests).
-Organic Vegetarian/vegan curry (same as above regarding recipes) with white or brown rice.
- Pita / gluten free sweet potato crackers with hummus
- Vegan falafels
- Salad w/ cucumber, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cashews and house made dressing (vegan, made with ginger, shallots, garlic & soy).

DESSERT PLATTERS (an assortment of bite-sized desserts)

- carrot cake, chocolate cake, coconut cream cake, cheese cake

- baklava
- halva
- boterkoek
- peppermint nanaimobar

We also have an assortment of cakes here which are offered by the slice with a few gluten free/vegan options: Coconut cream cake, carrot, chocolate fudge, gluten free cappucino cheese cake, peppermint nanaimo bars and dutch almond boterkoek.

There's a $15 charge if you wish to bring your own cake.

Click here for our menu:

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