Poem Submission -- Place Based Publishing for Live Culture Coast
Poems shall be modeled after the Burma Shave roadside advertisements, which appeared throughout the United States from 1925 to 1963. Each advertisement was a catchy poem or jingle spread out over a series of signs that motorists read as they drove by. Format: five lines of one to four words each, and lines two and five must rhyme.

Up to three selected poems will be placed along the Live Culture Coast route—a 135-mile, excursion through Oregon’s South Coast, where we explore the timeless connections between land and people.

Writers may submit up to three entries (on page 2 of this form) related to live culture and placemaking ethos of the Southern Oregon Coast: Ferment. Forage. Brew. Bake. Pedal. Paddle. Wander. Wonder. Forest. River. Tide. Sea. Science. Art. Community. Live Culture Coast is a sensory celebration of fermentation, creativity & exploration, set along the edge of the continent, amidst the wilds and wonders of the Southern Oregon Coast. All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm on Friday, August 2.

You can read more about the call for poems here: bit.ly/callforpoems

First, please enter your contact information below so that we can notify you of your publication status by Monday, September 9. This information will remain confidential, and the jurors will not know who wrote the poems.

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