Youth Delegate to Auckland Synod 2020
What is Synod?

Synod is the 'governing body' of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland. It is attended by all the licensed clergy of our Anglican churches and at least one elected lay representative for each church in the diocese. In Auckland it is a large body of around 400 people and it meets once a year to:

- decide MATTERS OF POLICY for the Diocese
- express the MIND OF THE CHURCH on specific matters
- consider the REPORTS AND ACCOUNTS of the many Diocesan bodies

Synod is divided into 'houses': The House of Bishops (all the bishops), The House of Clergy (clergy representatives from the churches in the Diocese) and The House of Laity (non-clergy people chosen to represent churches and other parts of the Diocese by election or application).

Elected members can vote on motions and bills, observers cannot. Both members and observers will have speaking rights.

Being a youth delegate involves committing to:

1) Attending the whole of synod*
2) Attending a pre-synod meeting with the Youth Facilitator and other delegates
3) Reporting back to the youth of the diocese (through an AYM gathering) and your church about synod
4) Engaging with youth and youth groups in the wider diocese in order to gain a broader perspective on issues facing synod

*SYNOD 2020 is in session from:
6.00pm - 9.00pm Thursday 3 September
8.30am - 5.30pm Friday 4 September
8.30am -3.30pm Saturday 5 September

If you have any questions, Facebook message or call Karen Spoelstra (021 388 811)
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