OSA Criminal Justice Ballot Initiative Welcome form!
Welcome to the Get Free / Issue 1 campaign! Together we're going to get thousands of people free and get millions of dollars out of the prison system and into our communities.

Please fill out this form to get more deeply involved. Even if you can only contribute an hour of your time, every bit helps!

We got 730,000 signatures for our statewide ballot initiative!!!

That means this November we have a chance to vote on a ballot initiative that radically changes the criminal justice system.

Issue 1 does a lot:

1) Changes felony nonviolent drug possession charges (F4/F5) to a misdemeanor, and it'll apply retroactively so an 8th of the prison population in Ohio can apply for release, and tens of thousands of people can get felonies off their records and get jobs again.
2) Reforms the probation system so people aren't being immediately sent back to prison for non-criminal probation violations
3) Increases incentive programs for people to participate in rehab programs while in prison, AND
3) Re-invests any of the savings from reducing prison costs (estimated $100 million) into community drug rehab programs.

This would be the biggest challenge to mass incarceration in Ohio's history, and we want your leadership!

Thank you for being part of the fight.

With love,
The Ohio Student Association

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