Slack Platform Community Chapter Leader Application
Interested in running a Slack Platform Community (SPC) chapter? That’s great! Community champions like you are critical to the success of other developers and builders on our platform, and to our customers. As an SPC Chapter Leader, you’ll have the chance to share your Slack expertise, connect with and learn from like-minded folks in your area, and hone your leadership skills.

We’d love to learn a little more about you, and the community you’d like to build. Once submitted, one of our community managers will get back to you in 10 business days.

Note: If your application was submitted December 20, 2019 - January 6, 2020, expect a response by January 21.
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For example: are you building on Slack or calling our APIs? If so, are you making a custom app used internally, or an app in the App Directory? What are some of your favorite Slack apps? How long have you been using Slack? What's one of your favorite Slack tips or features? Are you an Admin on your workspace? What's your favorite thing about using or building on Slack?
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What are some of your goals for leading this community? *
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Describe your perfect meetup: What's the format? What's the topic? Where is it hosted? Who is in the audience, and how do they benefit from being part of the community and at the in-person event? *
What is some of the content that you want to cover in your meetups? What would the format of your meetups be? *
Outside of that “perfect” event, what are the other types of content and formats for your meetups?
Each community chapter has a channel in Slack. How would you keep your community engaged between meetups? *
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How does a Slack Platform Community chapter benefit your local community? Who would be part of the SPC chapter? What other similar communities are in your region now?
Do you have any experience running community groups or participating in meetups in the past? Tell us more about that. *
What was the group focused on? What were the challenges you faced running the group, and how did you solve for them? What was your favorite part about running a community group?
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The Code of Conduct can be found at
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The Chapter Leader Guidelines can be found at
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