Students may sign-up for a hall locker for the 2021-2022 school year using the below electronic form.  Locker assignments may be picked up at Arena Check-In on August 5th/6th and 10th, or in the Administrative Vice Principal's Office after that time.  Lockers are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis and students are not guaranteed a locker in their preferred location.

$5 donations are requested to support locker maintenance and cleaning.  Donations can be given to the lockers station at Arena Check-In, or paid in the Treasurer's office after that time.
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Student Information
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If you do not know your student's ID number, you may contact Menlo-Atherton at (650) 322-5311 for assistance.
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Locker Locations
The following map highlights the areas where student hall lockers are located.  Please review the map in order to determine the area/s in which you would like to request a locker.  If there is not an available locker in your preferred locations, you will be assigned a locker in the closest available area.
Tips for locker selection:
1. The largest lockers are located in the C-1 to C-5 area

2. The most requested lockers are located in the D-20 to D-24 area (The Green).  This can be a very crowded area and can be a bit overwhelming for new students.

3. The most central lockers are located in the D-10 to D-17 area, however these areas do get locked in the afternoon along with C-10 to C-15 and E-10 to E-17.

4. The lockers closest to the athletic fields/facilities are located in the E-19 to E-26 area.
Locker Request
Please indicate your preferred locker locations by ranking the below areas (1 being most preferred and 6 being the least preferred).
C-1 to C-5 *
Most Preferred
Least Preferred
C-10 to C-15 *
Most Preferred
Least Preferred
D-10 to D-17 *
Most Preferred
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D-20 to D-24 *
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E-10 to E-17 *
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E-19 to E-26 *
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