LeLutka Head Questionnaire
Which LeLutka Bento Enabled Head do you wear *
select most often worn if you own more than one
Do you wear add on ears *
ear attachments whether Human , Fantasy or Furry
Are the ear attachments static or Bento enabled
if Bento they would move with your skeleton without any additional scripting
If you wear add on ears, which brand/s
Ears - fitting for other attachments *
What option would you prefer for this, you can try the demos of the other heads for comparison if needed
Clear All Button - Would you like this option *
A button to clear all add on layers (not skin) allowing the removal of any appliers added for demos or just trying variations of make up, but wanting to go completely back to base in one click.
Do you use the filters options in Animate - Expressions tab *
Clicking the positive, negative or other marks under each word separates the types of expressions making it faster to find a particular look
Animate - Moods - Default & Add Ons *
What are your most used mood types - you can click more than one group
Animate - Moods - Suggestions *
What are some types of moods you would like to see more of?
Animate - Expressions (Default) *
What are your most used expressions - filters put the expressions in categories.
Animate - Expressions (Purchased/Gifts) *
What expressions do you use often.
Eye Colours *
-Would you like LeLutka to make more eye options as addons
Teeth - What version of the included teeth do you use for your head? *
Teeth pt 2 *
What options would you like to see for teeth
Do you change mouth shading color *
The mouth shading options are in the mouth tab of the head HUD. You can choose light to dark
Do you use the personalize panel *
This panel is for making your own textures and applying them to the head, you can also use this as a creator to quickly check something fits.
Stand Pose (the body symbol top right of HUD) Change to Minimising Outcome *
This stays on when hud is minimised, locking you in that stand pose even if wearing an AO or walking. It is great for checking your make up etc. If you log out when it is on, it will be on when you log back in, so you need to re-open the HUD to turn it back off. We are considering an option to change a setting on the HUD to let you decide if you want it to stay in pose when HUD is minimised, or to turn off on closing the HUD so you can go about your day. You would have the ability to opt in or out, so you do not lose anything if we add it.
Piercings *
We have plans for more of these in the future. What is your preference
Attachments - Animated *
These would be interactive attachments that would work with your heads
Save Slots
Do you use the ones on the Head HUD or the Separate Library add ons
Save Slots - pt2
If the library huds were larger, what amount of buttons would you prefer
Save Slots - pt 3 *
Do you save by brand or colour
Back Up *
Do you use the Back Up option to save your settings before you update or redeliver your head/s
Settings Tab *
Does the settings tab work for you when using any of the options? if not do you contact us or just use store redelivery
Hair Bases *
Hair bases in other colours and styles are available in the store in the area behind the heads displays. Is this something you know or is news to you now?
Skins *
The fuller range of the default skin that comes with your head is also available for purchase in the store in the skins and make up section. Is this something you knew or is news to you now?
Website & Social Media *
We have a full explanation of all features of our heads on our website. Do you use that when finding something confusing?http://lelutka.com/blog/ and do you follow us on Flickr and Facebook? Check all that apply
Do you use LeLutka For Me Group? *
Help group for LeLutka head wearers, as well as for stores that make LeLutka appliers to promote their worksecondlife:///app/group/d32fbe1f-dfe4-5cdd-27a1-b526591c7e13/about << copy paste into chat to join
Any additional suggestions
please note we take all suggestions into consideration. Please keep it brief and to the point. This is only for suggestions it is not for complaints or issue reporting. If you have anything you need addressed by LeLutka please look at JadenArt Residents profile for further contact information.
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