Evolution 2018 Tournament Judge Application
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What is your smash.gg username? *
Make sure that you register at http://smash.gg before you fill out this form -- we will need this information when we assign you to pools!
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What's your e-mail address? *
We will use this e-mail address to coordinate with you before Evolution 2018. Please use one which you check regularly.
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Have you been a judge at a previous Evolution tournament?
Please check all boxes for each year where you have attended the tournament and judged at least one session.
Will you be able to attend the Judges Training Session on 7:00 PM PST on Thursday, August 2nd in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center? *
What games would you be willing to judge? *
Please select all that apply.
How many hours would you like to volunteer for? *
We may need volunteer judges to help out from 8 AM to Midnight on Friday and Saturday. That's a total of 32 hours! We don't expect everyone to volunteer all their time, so please give us an idea of how many hours you would like to work for.
Which session times are you able to judge? *
Please select between which sessions you're willing to judge. You will be need to report to the tournament hall 15 minutes before your session starts.
What is your T-shirt size? *
All judges will be required to wear their judge's shirt while on duty. The shirt is free for you to keep after Evolution.
What else do you want us to know about you?
Feel free to include anything here about why you would like to be a tournament judge.
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