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Registration Form - There will be a mandatory lunchtime training session. Please check your inbox for communications from italyreads@johncabot.edu.
Take a look at the many resources available at https://johncabot.libguides.com/ItalyReads
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John Cabot University's Italy Reads Program
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Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies or particular experience you'd like to talk about with high school students? When you are an Italy Reads Volunteer, you have the opportunity to interact with high school students in a variety of activities. The information you provide here helps include you in meetings and activities that best meet your interests.
Are you interested in being a member of a special Italy Reads team of JCU and high school students working in one or all of the following areas? (check off the box if you're interested in finding out more about this opportunity). All teams will work under the direct supervision of the Italy Reads Executive Coordinator. The time commitment would be 10-20 hrs./semester.
Communications Team (Work with students to generate content for newsletters and web pages, assist with Video Production Workshops, take photos at events and meetings, interview key participants, etc...)
Administrative Team (Work with students to coordinate administrative aspects of the program and the certification of particpation, assist with follow-up documentation and analysis of activities).
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