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How happy are you with the Characters Jump Height. *
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How happy are you with the Characters Movement Speed? *
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How slippery does the Character feel? *
Not slippery at all
Very slippery
How happy are you with the Characters Horizontal Dash? *
Very happy
What sort of changes (If any) would you make to the Horizontal Dash?
How does this Spike Hitbox make you feel? *
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How much do you like the Characters Ability to Wallhang? *
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How do you feel about the control scheme of the Wallhang?
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Which Stars did you get? *
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Did you have any issues getting a Star? *
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Did you find any bugs? Feel free to list your experience below. If a bug is repeatable please tell us how to execute it!
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this project?
Thank you so much for helping out!
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