Tales of the Cocktail Foundation Code of Conduct Violation Complaint Form
Tales of the Cocktail Foundation (TOTCF) Code of Conduct Violation Complaint Form

If this is an emergency situation, call 911.

If you need the support of the New Orleans Police Department, call 1-504-821-2222.

If you are attending a virtual TOTCF event, please be sure to call your local emergency or police department if you require their assistance.

Tales of the Cocktail Foundation clearly outlines a Code of Conduct Policy which can be found online here: https://talesofthecocktail.org/about/code-of-conduct/. In the event any individual associated with the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation or participating in an event produced by TOTCF observes, is made aware of or experiences a violation of the stated expectations for behavior; please report that behavior.

Reports of violations of the TOTCF Code of Conduct can be made using this form or by contacting Eileen Wayner, Chief of Staff, by email at Eileen@TalesoftheCocktail.org. Please note that you can make any report of such violations anonymously. By working together to ensure that any violation is reported, we can set the standard of expectations of behavior for our industry. TOTCF will address any allegations brought to our attention with support, a thoughtful investigation and review, and appropriate sanctions in partnership with STAR a non-profit organization providing sexual violence prevention and response education to the hospitality industry.

* Filing a complaint is the first step in beginning an investigative process by TOTCF. While follow-ups are voluntary, they can be vital to gathering further information to help us hold others accountable for their actions. *

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