Chillicothe ISD 2020-2021 Fall Semester Parent Survey- Please complete by July 31.
Chillicothe ISD will have students and staff return to school buildings in August. We understand that some families may have concerns about returning to school due to COVID-19.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has created some requirements for virtual learning that are significantly more demanding on students and require DAILY participation and completion of work at home, as compared to this last spring. Once we have more information from TEA about starting school in August, CISD will communicate our plans to students, parents and staff.

If you know of someone who does not have internet access, paper copies of this survey will be available in the CISD Administration Office.

PARENT/GUARDIANs: For planning purposes, please answer the following questions.

Complete one survey for EACH child who will be attending CISD in 20-21. Thank you!

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Email address of parent that will be responsible for registering student. This will assist school personnel in creation of Parent Portal account. Put NA if no email address. *
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As we return to school in August
Parents will have the option to choose an instruction delivery method for their student each six week period. Parents will need to understand that if a child chooses online learning as an option, they WILL NOT be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. Please know that the way we "did school" in the spring will NOT be how we conduct school in the 20-21 school year. TEA has developed requirements for the 20-21 school year that will require all students to be engaged in a minimum number of minutes of instruction daily if learning through a remote option. Additionally, all student work and assessments will be graded following the same expectations as students who are attending face-to-face school. Remote/distance/online learning will require parental/adult supervision and assistance based on the age and level of independence of each student.

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If you choose to attend virtually, do you plan on eating a school lunch? (lunches will need to be picked up at Elementary school, we will not be delivering) *
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