Green-A-Thon Team - 2018
We are thrilled that you are interested in forming a Green-A-Thon team. This year is unique because Got Green is celebrating our Ten Year Anniversary, which will be the primary focus of our Green-A-Thon. We hope that all on your team will be able to attend both our Earth Day Community Canvass (April 21st) as well as our Ten Year Celebration (May 19th). Due to the focus on our Ten Year Anniversary, your team will have between February till May 19th to reach your fundraising goal.

Please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you soon. Before you get started, be sure you have the following information: (1) List of people on your team and (2) your team's fundraising goal, and (3) yout team name.

If you have any questions, please contact our Development Director - Sean O'Neill ( Thank you!



-- Community Canvass - Saturday, April 21st, 2018 (the day before Earth Day)
-- Ten Year Anniversary Celebration -- Saturday, May 19th, 2018



-- TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY // GREEN-A-THON :: Since 2012, Got Green has organized an annual Green-A-Thon -- a seasonal effort where grassroots teams (of members and supporters) raise funds for Got Green over the duration of 2-3 months and come together for a closing community engagement event on Earth Day. This year, Got Green is celebrating our Ten Year Anniversary... so the Green-A-Thon will be under this umbrella. All fundraising will take place between February until our Ten Year Anniversary event in May. We have set the ambitious goal of raising $100,000 this year!

-- TEAMS :: Grassroots fundraising teams are 3-8 people that are excited to support Got Green. Each team sets a unique fundraising goal (from $500-$50,000). -- each team will have a fundraising webpage (that we will create) and will fundraise by connecting with your networks (of friends, family, and co-workers) to reach your team's fundraising goal.

--- CAPTAIN :: Each team has one captain, who is Got Green's main point of contact. The captain recruits teammates, helps the team decide on a team name, and helps the team determine a fundraising goal... the captain will also make sure to pass on info to teammates from Got Green and get their team excited about reaching their fundraising goal.


Sponsor the Ten Year Anniversary: In addition to forming a Team, many of you may have a business, union, or organization that would like to become a Ten Year Anniversary sponsor. To sponsor, please contact --

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We are asking every team to raise a minimum of $500. There will be some teams that raise over $50,000. Please set a goal that is ambitious and within your capacity.
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Fundraising Training & Work Parties
In addition to our Community Canvass (April 21st) and our Ten Year Celebration (May 19th), Got Green will host a series of grassroots fundraising trainings and work parties at our new office on Beacon Hill. We will send this list to you once you fill out the form (please share with your team and determine which ones you'll attend)...

-- Public Launch // Grassroots Fundraising :: February 15th (Thursday) at 6-8pm
-- Grassroots Fundraising Workshop :: March 22nd (Thursday) at 6-8pm
-- Work Party :: April 18th (Wednesday) at 6-8pm
-- Work Party :: May 16th (Wednesday) at 6-8pm

*Lots more info to come about our Ten Year Anniversary event. Stay tuned!!

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