Points/Rewards Program
Use this form to report any activity for which you should earn points for. *PLEASE USE ONE SUBMISSION PER DATE OF ACTIVITY/ACTIVITIES PERFORMED.
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This is the date that you volunteered your services, participated in an event, donated money or food, etc.
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Select the activity/activities you are claiming rewards for. If you were assigned other work/task/activity approved by a Committee Chair, Manager or Director, check "Other" and explain on the space provided what work/task/activity was performed and the hours it took to complete. (Such activity earns 5 points per hour or a daily maximum of 30 points.)
Name of Committee Chair/Director/Manager assigning work
Identify the name of the Committee Chair, Director or Manager assigning the work or who's department you worked for.
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Please indicate which meeting you attended if that is what you are claiming...otherwise, list any comments that may further explain your claim.
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