Highly Skilled Migrant Women's Pre-interview Questionnaire
Hello, my name is Amina Chitembo, I am a PhD student at De Montfort University. I am seeking to interview Asian and African women to help understand the drivers and barriers affecting Highly Skilled Migrant Women applying for senior leadership positions. I would greatly appreciate your participation in this short pre-interview questionnaire to find those who meet the criteria. It is under three minutes. Thanking you in advance for your time.
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Introduction (please skip if you have already seen the invitation).
Are you a woman who comes to live in the UK as an adult (18 years old or over)? *
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What is the highest level of education you have completed? *
Do you work in the public sector? *
Following your answer above, what type of organisation is it? (e.g. education, police, health service, etc) *
Thinking about your level of responsibility in your current job, which of the following best describes your current job level? *
To understand my participants, I need to ask; which continent or region did you migrate from? *
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For me to send you the participant information sheet and consent form (participation is voluntary, confidential, not linked to your organisation. You also have the right to withdraw).
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For me to call you on to arrange the bes time for the interview
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How did you first hear about this research?
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