ThreadDB for Javascript Alpha Preview Program
Thank you for your interest in Textile's ThreadDB for Javascript Alpha Preview Program.

We’re excited to be sharing an early look at a new approach to an offline-first local database that syncs to the distributed web. We're looking for a few key partners/projects to help us validate some ideas around the future of local-first databases. In particular, we're looking for projects that are interested in testing things out, providing us with feedback, and meeting with us over the next few weeks. Here is a rough outline of the Alpha Preview Program schedule:

First week:
- Selected teams announced and invited to Alpha Preview Slack channel
- Textile to provide introductory material, including overview documentation, getting-started guides and videos, as well as an "advanced" React app template/demo.

Week two:
- One group-based zoom call (or multiple calls if time-zones require it) to solicit initial feedback, answer questions, and set up more directed calls in the following week(s)
- In the meantime, Alpha Preview members are invited to ask questions and engage with the Textile team and others in the Alpha Preview Slack channel

Week three:
- One-on-one calls between Textile and the various Alpha Preview Teams to discuss feedback, wants/needs, bugs, features, etc. Also, an opportunity to discuss the specifics of a project, and for Textile team to provide further guidance best-practices

Week four:
- One group-based zoom call (or multiple calls if time-zones require it) to solicit final feedback, answer questions, and setup the final feedback survey.
- Invited teams to fill out the final feedback survey.
- Also the option of recording some demos and developing showcases if participants are interested.

Week five:
- Textile to release wrap-up blog post/case studies outlining the Alpha Preview Program, the projects that were included in the program, and any showcases/videos that were developed in the previous week.

Please fill out the following set of questions to help our team select teams for inclusion in the Alpha Preview Program.
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