Jericho High School 2019 Yearbook Information
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Due date November 20th.
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Yearbooks are a physical keepsake of high school memories - they freeze moments for all eternity, which means the "epic" quote you select today could forever be your hilarious tagline, but not in a good way! Choose wisely! Please limit your quote to approximately 20 words. Please include authors. Inappropriate quotes will be disregarded.
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List your activities (clubs and or sports). Remember that THIS IS NOT YOUR RESUME! Please include the grade you were in when you participated. If you were a captain or an officer please list the grade. Official Jericho clubs/service functions/sports only. Example: JerEcho 9-12 Varsity Lacrosse 9-12, Capt. 12 Yearbook 10-12
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Do you have a parent who graduated from Jericho High School?
If your mom or dad graduated from Jericho, please let us know by providing his or her name (as it appeared in the yearbook) and graduation year. Leave blank if this doesn't pertain to you.
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Is there a particular way you want your name to appear in the yearbook?
By default, your name will be printed in the yearbook exactly as it appears in PowerSchool. If you prefer a different version of your name in the yearbook, please type your name in the space below as you would like it to appear.
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