Foundry United Methodist Church New Member Information Form
Membership in The United Methodist Church begins with baptism. If you have not been baptized, baptism will be a part of the vows which you take in joining. If you have, whether in or outside of a United Methodist Church, you do not need to be baptized. As United Methodists, we believe that your baptism—no matter when or where it happened—is the only one you need.

If you have been baptized prior to joining Foundry, you will have a chance to remember your baptism, evidence of our belief that our relationship to God is first and primarily rooted in that covenant and by the work of God’s grace. It is from this covenant, then, that we are able to be in relationship with God and one another so that we can be the Church of Jesus Christ in the world. If you have not been baptized, please view our Baptism Information and Orientation page here (CREATE LINK).

If you are interested in joining Foundry Church, you will need to participate in our New Member Orientation Class, A Disciple's Path, and submit the form below. For more information, and for any other questions you may have, you can also contact Pastor Will Green at

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If not, your vows of membership will include the rites of baptism. Do you still wish to join the Church?
If you are currently a member of another congregation, please share the name, address, and phone number.
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Please write a brief (100 word) biography to be included in the bulletin on the Sunday you choose to join. Biographies MUST be received two weeks prior to the Sunday you plan to join. *
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New members, in addition to a brief biography, have a picture shared in the bulletin on the Sunday that they wish to join. Have you submitted a photo to Mike Maltby or Will Green? If not, photos must be mailed to at least two weeks prior to the Sunday you wish to join.
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