Kitchen Squad
Paper City Coffee is a social good coffee shop which exists to fund the mentoring of local teens. Join our kitchen staff and bring joy to the people through amazing recipes and food from scratch.

Job description:
A PCC Kitchen staff member is dedicated to the vision and mission of our company and is skilled in crafting quality food and creating exceptional customer experiences. She/he builds rapport with customers and mentors/mentees in order to sustain Paper City Coffee as a positive space in our area. She is reliable and works hard to make sure each customer's order is completed accurately and timely.  She works diligently to complete the necessary daily tasks during each shift.  The PCC Kitchen staff member leaves her shift knowing that she has cleaned, restocked, and completed any tasks she started so that the next person walks into an energized and neat work environment. She follows regulations set by the Ross County Health Department and can accurately answer necessary questions during a routine Health Inspection. She treats the rest of the PCC staff with respect and kindness and goes out of her way to help make their shifts more efficient and enjoyable, which sustains a healthy and positive team culture. She uses our core values as a standard when making decisions and solving problems. She challenges herself to keep growing and learning about quality food, customer service, and what it takes to build community. She is open and ready to receive coaching from Management in order to become better at serving our customers. She uses her creativity and initiative to strengthen and build upon what has already been established at Paper City Coffee and brings fresh ideas that are innovative and effective for our sustainable growth and continued influence and to constantly improve our menu offerings.
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