Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Parks & Outdoor Recreation Study Service Delivery Feedback forms
Please review the Open House display boards prior to completing this feedback form available at:
Virtual Open House for the Regional District of the Bulkley Nechako Parks and Outdoor Recreation Service Delivery Study 2020
A key element of creating an outdoor recreation service is having a dedicated employee to run the service. Please select which model you think would work best for administering an outdoor recreation service in your region.
Throughout this Study, outdoor recreation clubs consistently reported that a lack of funding for maintenance is a major challenge that they face. Many clubs expressed that maintenance needs are exceeding volunteer capacity and it is difficult to secure funding for maintenance because most grants are focused on the development of new infrastructure. Do you generally support the idea of the RDBN providing financial support to local outdoor recreation clubs to help them maintain outdoor recreation amenities?
Do you think the RDBN should get involved in the management of beach accesses, boat launches and active transportation trails that are currently not being managed or maintained by any level of government or by local clubs?
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Please identify how much would you be willing to pay for a parks and outdoor recreation service. Refer to the display poster for information on the level of service that each tax rate could afford.
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Where do you live? please specify if you are within a municipal boundary.
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Do you volunteer with a local outdoor recreation club? If so, please indicate the name of the club(s) below.
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Any additional comments?
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